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Bad Day


Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter is a Canadian musician from British Columbia. He plays many instruments such as piano, keyboards, mandolin, and violin. His vocals and song writing is what he is best known for. In 2006, the song "Bad Day" topped the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks and in doing so, he became the first Canadian artist to top the US charts since 2002. This song was used for commercials for Coca-Cola as well as a the TV show American Idol. Powter is now a father and works more behind the scenes rather than as a solo artist.
This song is encouraging as its message is that everyone has bad days and your strong enough to make it through to the good days ahead.

Song Video


TV Show


This show is about a group of employees working at Cloud 9, a big box store, while trying to survive the monotonous days at the busy store together. They become as close as a family even though they have a variety of personalities, work ethic and personal issues. They do their best to support each other in the best ways they can. The humor and resilience of the staff is admirable as they go through every day of their job, dealing with terrible customers and store merchandising and life in general. It is the perfect show to watch when you need a laugh and is totally binge-worthy.
The cast is made up of many actors however the my favorite actors in this show are America Ferrera (Amy), Ben Feldman (Jonah), Laura Ash (Dina) and Mark McKinney (Glen). Ash and McKinney are both Canadian actors.



Fun Facts

  • The pilot was filmed in a K-Mart in California
  • Two of the actors applied for jobs at Target and didn't get hired
  • Cloud 9 can be seen in other TV shows, one being Good Girls where the main characters are seen shopping at Cloud 9
  • Amy doesn't want the customers to know her real name so she is always wearing a name tag with a different name



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