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Remember The Time


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson also known as " The King of Pop" was a singer ,song writer, dancer, producer, and recording artist who was born in August of 1958. As a child Michael was apart of the his family's Motown group known as the " Jackson 5" The Jackson 5 consisted of all his 5 brothers. In 1971 at the age of 13, Michael launched his own solo career becoming one of the most iconic stars of his time.

Released in 1991 off the album " Dangerous" which was later released in January of 1992, " Remember The Time" was the second of nine short films produced for the recordings off the album. It was written and composed by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, and Bernard Belle. The song ended up being in the top 5 in nine countries. It also won the Soul Train Award for best male single in 1993.


Remember The Time

TV Show


Is a science fiction animated series produced by Walt Disney about mythological creatures known as Gargoyles that turn into stone during the day. The series consisted of a clan of gargoyles who swore to protect modern day New York City as they once did one thousand years ago earlier in Scotland.

The series first aired in October of 1994. It lasted a total of 3 seasons ending in February of 1997. In 1995 there was a video game adaptation and a spin-off comic series that was released. The storyline of the animated show was able to continue from 2006 to 2009 in a comic book series with the same name by produced by Slave Labor Graphics.


Episode 1- The Awakening

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